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Embark on large scale simulated warfare playing the full scope of our field that incorporates urban and bush elements  or make it snappy by splitting up the field into halves. Our facility can accommodate large groups, birthday parties and even corporate events.

13th Monkey PaintCommand Centre Viewball
Command Centre

Pay up, Gear Up, Play Hard!

We got what you need!!! Check out our on-site command center. We have two rental markers to choose from Tipmann custom 98, Tipmann FT-12, masks, paint , air, and other gear for purchase.  Also custom orders are available!

13th Monkey Paintball Agrestic Field
Agrestic Field


Field furthest from the Command Centre. This field boasts a church, and a market feel as well as multiple areas to use to your advantage including a central tower,  Play on this field is fast and furious as you duck, run and dodge.

13th Monkey Paintball Siege Field
Siege Field


Field closest to the Command Centre. This field allows observation for the bystanders. Play on this field has the CQB (close quarters battle) feel.  This field boasts buildings with multiple rooms to clear. 

13th Monkey Paintball Owners
Full Field


For large events or bookings we don't fool around! The full field offers lots of room for play, incorporating urban tactics and woods ball with high advantage points, strong holds as well as pinch points.

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